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Cobra Transportation is a premiere trucking company with over 25 years of experience.  Our specialty in intermodal container drayage in the Midwest along with our Excellent Safety Scores ensure that you can feel confident trusting us to move your containers stress free.  Cobra is also a Customs Bonded Transportation company so we are available to help you transport containers to various customs exam sites within the Twin Cities area.  Cobra Transportation has the ability to transport Hazardous Material container loads.  Please contact our dispatch department for more information about our Hazardous Materials Program.

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Cobra uses the latest in technology when designing and having our chassis custom built. We don’t want our drivers carrying precious cargo and having any issues on the side of the road. With Steamship lines pulling out of the chassis business Cobra was already stocked up on quality equipment to haul any load.

Specialty chassis available for overweight 40’ containers along with heavy 20’ containers, the utilization of Tri-Axle and Spread Axle equipment allows for superior service on containers loaded a little heavy.

Air Ride Spread Axle Chassis

With Disc Brakes

These chassis are built to the highest standards with safety and driver comfort in mind. Utilizing the lightest materials possible our chassis’ are the lightest on the market, insuring all loads are delivered under the maximum weight allowed by the DOT.

The air ride option allows for an insanely smooth ride, while the disc brakes, with state of the art Anti Lock Brake systems, stop on a dime.  We understand how precious our customers cargo is along with the safety of our drivers and we take that very serious.  We are proud to say our intermodal equipment is some of the best in the country.


We offer Chassis options to haul 20’-40’-45’ and 48’ containers


Gated & Secured


    Throughout Saint Paul, Minneapolis area


    Well-kept asphalt Paved Surface

  • SIZE

    Headquarters storage is on a 7 acre lot


    Quick and timely pre-pulls and storage


    Completely enclosed by fence & electronically gated


    For peace of mind after-hours



  • Technologically Advanced Dispatching

    Cobra utilizes the latest in Intermodal dispatch software to insure loads are never missed and every load is tracked throughout the whole process.

    With wireless tablets integrated into every truck the communication with drivers is done seamlessly through technology.

  • Load Scaling Capabilities

    Cobra has trucks utilizing air gauges to tell the axle weight with a loaded container.  This can give us very accurate numbers, but when necessary Cobra also has the ability to scale containers on certified scales to makes sure all loads are distributed and loaded correctly and legally

  • 48 State Motor Carrier Authority

    Cobra has the ability to transport loads all throughout the country. Specializing in the Midwest

  • Local/Metro Drayage Experts

    Cobra has some drivers on the fleet that service only the local St. Paul/Minneapolis area, these drivers never leave the city allowing for very fast drop and hooks ensuring that we always have a driver available for your needs

  • Container Cleaning Service

    This is an option a lot of our customers love.  With the ability to make a container spotless for loads that requires a pristine container Cobra is here to help